Feedback is the epicenter of success

But what happens when its spread across multiple channels without a way to manage it easily?

Its hard to understand what your customers want, and you make decisions that arent in tune with their needs.

Every day, your users are sharing a huge amount of qualitative data, and a lot of companies either don't know how or forget to act on it.
Stewart Butterfield, Slack

Public Idea board

Showcase and present ideas to your customers. Get them involved with the development of your product and get to know what they think about upcoming features and product changes.

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Collect feedback from your existing workflow

Conflux works with integrations to fit within your existing workflow and makes everything manageable within one dashboard.

Create Ideas

Come up with an idea based on the feedback you receive and present it to your customers. Or add new feedback to existing ideas so you stay in control and keep the overview on every piece of feedback you receive.

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